23 Shocking Facts about Plastic Pollution You Should Know (and 10 Incredibly Simple Ways to Beat It)

“On World Environment Day, the message is simple: reject single-use plastic. Refuse what you can’t re-use. Together, we can chart a path to a cleaner, greener world.” — Secretary-General, António Guterres

Plastic Waste in Lagos, Nigeria

Yes, the message is simple: Refuse what you can’t reuse.

The rapid growth of plastic use is threatening our planet. It continues to poison and injure marine life, disrupts human hormones, litter beaches and landscapes, clogs our waste streams and landfills, and the most alarming is that it is rising.

It is interesting that there can’t be a better time to act on the menace of plastic pollution than now. According to the United Nations Environment Programme and the EcoWatch here are some interesting Plastic Pollution facts:

  1. Every year the world uses up to 5 trillion plastic bags

As India hosts the global 2018 World Environment Day today with the theme: “Beat Plastic Pollution,” here are 10 Simple Ways to “Beat Plastic Pollution” highlighted by EcoWatch:

  • Choose to reuse when it comes to shopping bags and bottled water. Cloth bags and metal or glass reusable bottles are available locally at great prices.

And I’d quickly add:

Use the Hash Tag #BeatPlasticPollution.

You can also get fun and creative content to share on the World Environment Day Toolkit Platform.

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