my personal experience with 15 wonderful kids!

Yesterday night, I had the opportunity of discussing tawheed with some kids in faraway Canada, like 15 of them. …

on the difficult journey to a beautiful transformation

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It’s 11:17pm here as I write.

And everywhere is cold and silent, save the noise from my generator. That is how we live. Where I live, and for most Nigerians, we sacrifice silence for electricity. It’s that pathetic.

As I sit across my desk in this cold room my mind…

a fisherman

Your Message is your Hook.

Your Story is your Bait

Your Audience are the Fishes

Your Environment is the Ocean/River

For you to grab the attention of and catch as many Fishes (AUDIENCE) as possible, your Hook (MESSAGE) must carry an enticing, captivating and irresistible Bait (STORY).

Stories are magical…

how to use powerful imagery and visual storytelling to hook your prospects and land more sales.

Blendtec’s Will It Blend?

Have you watched the video above? If not, watch it, it’s just 3min long.

How did you just feel after watching it?

“Damn it! This is a super crazy blender — it blends an iPhone!”

Now, you’re probably checking out the name of the blender and…

(a reflection on man and death)

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How soon have you forgotten

That yesterday your heart shrank

Out of fear of the sand

That will fill your mouth in

The grave — how come you’re

Short in memory? Wasn’t it a few

Days ago that Tunde, your friend,

passed away.


How soon have you forgotten


why you need to strike when the iron is hot

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If you have ever been to a blacksmith’s shop you will notice their mastery of this principle. They understand that for them to have a good carve of whatever they are going to make, whether it is pieces of jewellery, tools like swords, axe etc., they have to hit the…

Yesternight you were
The devil wear —
ing a mask and a glove
Stealthily towards that house
Armed with iron and sharp metal blades
One. Two….wasn’t that your number six-
teen? …

Once there was a man who saw an ad of a freezer at a crazily ridiculous price of $50. It was unimaginable, a freezer being advertised for $50. But, a smart man as he was, he wouldn’t let this offer pass him by. He knew what the average price of…

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My late dad, Abdulfattah Jimoh was a man of wit. May Allah forgive him and grant him paradise. Composed, and very easygoing, he would hold me by hand as we go to negotiate and close business deals as far back as when I was 10. …

When I was in Kano running my Cyber Café business I made a lot money from writing reports, projects, and most especially, resume and CV.

At a point what was bringing in the money was >95% writing and not browsing. I made research with my data bundle.

Interestingly, most were…

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